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Throughout the course of the year, OID staff will be involved in conducting training workshops or presenting at skill-based seminars on a number of topics regarding data visualization, data literacy and general issues geared towards data and strategic analytics at Lehigh.  You can find some of our recent resources below:

  • Student Affairs Assessment Symposium, January 9, 2020
    • Wyntre Stout, Research Analyst, Lehigh University
      As a means of insight into the student experience, surveys play a pivotal role in assessment. This session
      addresses the basics of carrying out a successful survey project as well as emphasizes best practices in
      constructing a quality survey tool. Practical tips cover strategies to improve survey response rates
      and yield meaningful data that can answer relevant questions.
    • Caroline Seguin, Business Intelligence Analyst, Lehigh University
      This session discusses how to best represent survey data visually, as well as suggestions to
      prevent misuse and misunderstanding of information.
    • Zane Kratzer, Data Research Scientist, Lehigh University
      This session covers some tips and tricks of working with data in Excel using a sample survey to answer
      a few basic questions about our student population. Topics covered include pivot tables, identifying
      duplicate records, cleaning up messy data, and working with multiple years of data.
  • Tableau training and other related resources here.