In accordance with the guidelines provided in the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty of Lehigh University and Related Information (R&P), the Office of Institutional Data (OID) administers confidential electronic ballots for faculty voting (e.g., standing committee elections, votes to approve amendments). OID administers electronic ballots via a secure server that allows each voting faculty member to submit only one ballot and generates an anonymous report of the vote tally after the ballot is closed. OID administers electronic ballots according to the procedures specified here which have been reviewed and approved by the Deputy Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

One person from the committee commissioning the ballot (usually the chair) is designated to coordinate with OID and oversee the procedure, as dictated by the R&P. This person must provide the information for the ballot to OID at least 3 working days before the ballot should open and at least 10 working days before the ballot results are needed. All materials must be reviewed and approved by the person coordinating the vote before it is launched by OID.

As stipulated in the R&P, electronic ballots are open for at least seven days. Voting is open for exactly 7 calendar days unless a university holiday or academic break occurs during that 7-day period, in which case the voting window is extended accordingly: ballots that span a university holiday, pacing break, or spring break will be extended by the number of days that fell on a holiday or academic break. 

OID will send the anonymous report of the ballot, including vote tally and number of ballots cast, within 2 working days of the close of the ballot.

Information provided to OID to be conveyed in electronic ballot materials:

  • Purpose of electronic ballot
  • Date ballot should open, in accordance with timeframe specified above
  • Date election results will be announced, in accordance with timeframe specified above
  • Name of committee commissioning the ballot
  • List of members of committee commissioning the ballot (if applicable)
  • Name of person overseeing the voting procedure
  • Type of ballot – election, vote on content, or other

For voting in elections:

  • Title of positions
  • Term of positions
  • Number of openings/votes to be cast for each position
  • Nominee names and department (note that per the R&P, the inclusion of a “write-in” option is mandatory for all vacancies)
  • Any restrictions (e.g., restrictions based on rank)

For voting on content (e.g., to approve new policies or amendments of existing policies):

  • Description of content to be voted on
  • Voting response options (note that if an electronic ballot is sponsored by the Faculty Senate and quorum is required, voting options are “Yes,” “No,” or “Present, but Not Voting”).

Any questions regarding electronic ballots administered by the Office of Institutional Data should be directed to the Institutional Research Manager at

To submit a request for an electronic ballot, please complete the OID Electronic Ballot Request Form.