Lehigh uses a tool called the Data Cookbook as our collaborative Institutional Data Dictionary and data management solution. It is a central repository of metadata (data about data). It contains data definitions, data lineage, and specifications for reports and dashboards used for analytics and reporting across campus. This tool supports Lehigh's Data Governance initiatives and is overseen by the Office of Institutional Data.

The areas of the University currently represented with definitions in the data dictionary are the Bursar's Office, Data Governance, Enterprise Systems (LTS), Faculty Affairs, Finance & Administration, Financial Aid, Graduate Admissions, The Pride Center, Registration & Academic Services, the Office of Institutional Data (OID), Research, and Undergraduate Admissions. If you're interested in contributing to the data dictionary or would like to see an introductory presentation on how your department can get involved, please email datagovernance@lehigh.edu.

You may notice a link to the Institutional Data Dictionary on reports distributed by offices on campus. You can click on the logo or tab to see the report specification, which details the purpose, description, and related definitions for the report.

In addition to the Institutional Data Dictionary, we maintain a Data Standards Manual that provides guidance for data entry into Banner. Visit the Data Standards Manual in our Confluence space (login required).

Access to the Institutional Data Dictionary

All current Lehigh employees have access to log in and view information within the data dictionary. Your account will be set up the first time you log in.

To log in, go to go.lehigh.edu/datadictionary and use your Lehigh credentials to log in via Connect Lehigh.

To view documentation on the data dictionary, including instructions on how to use it, click here.


For questions about Lehigh's data dictionary or how your office can get involved, please email datagovernance@lehigh.edu.