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Projects approved by the Data Governance & Standards Committee are listed below. Please click the links below to view more information about each project.

Current Projects

  • Confidential Indicator Project

This project will review the confidential indicator in Banner to determine how it's being used and develop recommendations for use. Outcomes will include documentation and training on the appropriate use and handling of records marked confidential.

Completed Projects

The purpose of this project was to store legal names with the inclusion of diacritical marks of students, faculty, and staff in Banner. This allows for official Lehigh documents to appropriately represent a person's legal name, as well as provide a better user experience for people accessing software/systems that store their name.

  • Database Roles and User Classes Project

This project reviewed the procedures for assigning database roles and user classes in Banner. Documentation of the current processes surrounding database roles, user class assignments, and requesting access to them has been created and published in the LTS Knowledge Base.

Click here to view instructions for requesting access to Banner. Save or print for easy reference.

  • International Phone Numbers Data Standard

This project updated the data standard and documentation for how to enter/load International phone numbers into Banner. The documentation has been published in the Data Standards Manual.

This project reviewed the process for creating person or company records in Banner. The goal was to learn how users are currently creating new identity records in their unit and establish a consistent procedure and training module for users with this Banner access, which will include exhaustive name searching.

  • Chosen Name & Gender Identity Implementation

Data Governance provides ongoing support and administration to the team working to implement the use of chosen names and gender identity in University systems in alignment with the University's policies. More information can be found here.