Services Provided by OID and Other Resources

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To make a request for data or other services, please visit our Request Form.

Our goal in OID is to be the trusted source of all Lehigh University facts and figures by striving for excellence in all of the services we provide. In deciding which projects to undertake, we try to focus our limited resources on those activities that have University-wide benefit and fit within the overall goals of Lehigh University:

  • Produce institutional data regarding students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • Prepare the 10th Day Census, University Profile, Common Data Set and a variety of other reports and presentations (Visit our Data Center for more information).
  • Support institutional data needs in the areas of grant proposals, accreditation, and self-studies and the like.
  • Oversee the Data Governance program across the University.
  • Administer the University's Course Evaluation process.
  • Coordinate University-wide surveys as well as review and provide feedback on survey design for faculty and staff.
  • Respond to ad hoc information requests from academic and administrative offices, as well as external constituents.
  • Provide confidential and neutral voting and balloting support for the administration, faculty and other entities.
  • For more information about OID's data products and analytical services, please review our What We Do page.