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What is Tableau?

Tableau is an analytics platform that allows users to clean, analyze and visualize their data. It is the primary tool used by the Office of Institutional Data to report on official Lehigh data, via the creation of interactive dashboards. Lehigh leverages the following Tableau products: Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server (now referred to as the Institutional Data Portal).

A Note about Tableau Licenses at Lehigh:

OID has oversight on the usage of some of the Tableau licenses at Lehigh, limited mostly to administrative reporting needs.  We handle all licensing requests for access to the Tableau Server, which requires a Viewer license.  However, we do not provide Creator licenses for Tableau Desktop, except on a few rare occasions for specific projects.

[Last Update: 11/16/2022]

OID's Tableau Version(s): 

Current Install of Tableau Server:  2022.3

Matching Version of Tableau Desktop:  2022.3

Tableau Prep Builder:  2022.3

For documentation on troubleshooting connections between Tableau and Banner, contact Zane Kratzer

Learning Tableau


Lehigh Tableau User Group (TUG):

Are you a Lehigh staff member using Tableau to understand, analyze, and visualize Lehigh data? Join the Lehigh TUG! We meet regularly to exchange on our use of the tool, learn from each other, and make sure we stay on top of any changes in the tool. Reach out to to be notified of upcoming meetings!

Tableau Training Workshops:

Periodically, OID staff will provide training and support for Lehigh users on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder.  [Note: These events are by invite only for licensed Desktop users.]

Other Resources: 

Training resources available to Lehigh users:

Free online training resources:

Online Tableau Communities